Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yearender: Technology

...Er, what?

I'm sorry. I thought that dean was pretty cool in giving out IPods to his employees and was wondering if my boss could ever be as cool as he is.

However, I was thinking about it and I decided that I don't think I'd like walking around with a music player in my ears. Unfortunately, I prefer to think (whether it's plans for the day, stories to write, etc.) while walking around and unlike some people, I don't find music blaring in my ears conducive for this.

As Rainer Maria Rilke says in his Letters to a Young Poet:

To walk inside yourself and meet no one for hours - that is what you must be able to attain. To be solitary as you were when you were a child, when the grown-ups walked around involved with matters that seemed large and important because they looked so busy and because you didn't understand a thing about what they were doing.

Which is why the CD player in my car gets a lot of use especially when I'm driving on automatic mode. Yes, even with the lousy traffic in the metro, I find driving very relaxing.

Go figure.

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