Monday, December 25, 2006

Yearender: Music

Hmmm, I just found out that soul singer James Brown has recently passed away.

Alas, no more 'I feel good' stuff from the Godfather of Soul.

In other news, my continued involvement with your friendly neighborhood torrent continues as I download some interesting new bands I hear on the radio, including The Fray and Snow Patrol. The funny thing is that despite the fact that one can get music for free, I still feel like buying the actual albums because after all I do want to support the stuff I like. Hence buying their stuff.

Unfortunately, now I'm looking for something hard-hitting and fast, like Prodigy. So, can anyone give suggestions?

On the local front, I felt a bit weird knowing that a number of bands that I used to listen to in college have now been brought back by the record companies. Two bands whose earlier albums have been brought back into a 2-in-1 offer include the ethereal-sounding Sugar Hiccup and the blues-rock Color it Red.

Geez, am I that old already the stuff I used to listen to now have 'best-of' collections?


Anonymous said...

used to listen to sugar hiccup and color it red too. (of course, i was in high school at the time, but that doesn't make me feel any less old.)

as for hard and fast, the only group i can think of at the moment is bloc party. not quite as hard-hitting as the prodigy, but really, really good. i totally dig their 2005 album 'silent alarm,' and their 2007 album, 'a weekend in the city,' was leaked out a month or so ago.

and i wouldn't have had the chance to listen to them (and other groups) if rapidshare and megaupload hadn't made full-album sharing possible. heh.

banzai cat said...

Ouch. In high school? That makes it worse. :-D

Thanks for the recom though. Will check them out. Yes, bitlord is my friend. ;-)

Anonymous said...

well, you can comfort yourself with the fact that commercialism has made it such that even relatively *new* artists are releasing 'best of' collections. of course, the 'best of collections' yer talking about are actually *re-issues* of 'out-of-print' albums...

hard and fast, for me, has always been either early Nine Inch Nails or, even harder and faster (arguably harder and faster than *anything* else out there, in fact), a little Canadian monster called Strapping Young Lad. of the two bands, NIN is probably closer to Prodigy on the musical spectrum, SYL being straight-up industrial METAL (yes, in ALLCAPS). Rammstein is easier to find and almost as hard and fast as early NIN, but again a few steps away from the dance-fusion Prodigy despite their dance-beat/industrial elements. Lokomotive is pretty hard and fast, but are again straight-up hard rock/metal, so i don't know if they'll suit you.

if yer strict about wanting 'something along the lines of Prodigy', then it'll have to be (early) NIN, Daft Punk, Fluke, or Wolfman (who are pretty much a harder Squid 9, if you remember them).

sorry for the ramble, but what i've really been trying to do is pull the name of a Prodigy-like group from its burial ground somewhere deep in the back of me head...trying and failing, obviously. ah well. hope this helps even just a leettle bit.

(btw, damn old blogger vs. new blogger posting...hence the 'anonymous' post)


banzai cat said...

Oooh, thanks skinny! I've heard of a bit of NIN, thanks for reminding me! Am off to download their albums! :-)

And showing up as anon in blogger makes me think of the emperor and his new clothes. Not that you should be going around without clothes, your name notwithstanding, skinny. ;-)