Thursday, February 01, 2007

Culling Season

First of all, a public service: a friend of mine, jim, is culling some of his comic books from his collection and asked me to help out. So if anyone is interested in issues of Spiderman or X-Men, check 'em out here.

I actually know how he feels, having sold off my own rather small collection years ago. Moreover, I'm also currently culling some already-read and still-to-be-read books from my bookshelves in a fit of pique. (Now I know how dean feels like when the Alfars have their own culling season.)

This culling also includes any book I'm currently reading. Unfortunately, two books that I've dropped while reading for this new year include Justina Robson's disappointing Keeping it Real and not-exactly-enthralling The Arcanum by Thomas Wheeler.

My main reason? I'm not getting any younger and I need all the time I have to read what I have. So why waste time, right?

Besides, there's also this nice cathartic feeling of when one goes spring-cleaning, seasons be damned.

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