Thursday, February 01, 2007

Read or Die! Write or Die!

Reading dean's blog just reminded me that the Read Or Die Book Convention 2007 (ROD '07) is this weekend. Anyone else going? I'll try to go meself given that they have a bookswap/book donation thing going and I have some stuff I could trade.

Considering I have a full schedule this weekend, it's going to be tight. Still, as dean's litcritters group will be giving a talk around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, I juuuust might drop by.

Likewise, gabe the intractable has issued a challenge: write a novella in one weekend!

Hell, writing a novel in month is already torture, what's a novella (or more than 50,000 words) in two and a half days? More rules can be read here but those joining have to post their stuff at the urban drift forum.

Crazy, I know but that's gabe for you. Am tempted meself to join as I've some ideas that won't fit the short-story form. (And give me a chance to play in playgrounds different from the local setting too.)

Anyway, that's all for public service announcement day...

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