Monday, August 13, 2007

Bloody Manila

I know movie director Quentin Tarantino's visit to the Philippines for the Cinemanila 2007 has come and gone but [identity-protected]'s sister pointed this out for me. And to commemorate my first time to embed a youtube video in my blog, here are two ads for his visit here.

Here's one:

...and another one.

The last one was pretty hilarious actually.


dodo dayao said...

Tarantino was cool. He had two sets of talks and would sit in on screenings of his movies not to mention wander about the Gateway Cineplex ,ocassionally buying the odd cup of coffee from Coffee Bean. Prefers chatting to signing autographs. He also brought some of his B movies to show and I think he'll sit in on those ,too. Least I hope so. Last one's showing later. Hoping to catch one last glimpse and maybe shake his hand while I'm at it. :)

banzai cat said...

Hehe yeah I heard about that. Good luck on chatting with the guy, my friend. :-)

Der Fuhrer said...

Crap. Was supposed to drop everything I was supposed to be doing and head to Manila just to catch a glimpse of Tarantino (or maybe ask him to sign my Reservoir Dogs script book) but I didn't get enough dough to get me through the trip.

Plus, I wanted to see Paris, Je T'Aime and 2 Days in Paris.

cat with the fiddle said...

isn't tarantino a genius?

incidentally, my latest entry is also about quentin tarantino, although on completely a different area...

is it true he's writing a book on filipino movies (particularly horror and action) he has seen in his youth?

Maricchia said...
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banzai cat said...

fuhrer: Well, I suppose it was a question of: more books <=> Tarantino? ;-)

Me, I know what I'd get.

cat: Haha yeah. I actually recently saw From Dusk til Dawn on HBO and though he didn't direct that movie, I thought how young Tarantino looked then.

As for that book, yeah, that would be definitely interesting. :-)