Friday, August 17, 2007

The View from the Ivory Tower

Maybe it's my job. Maybe it's being a writer.

The thing is, I'm starting to get nervous what with all the reports of earthquakes in Peru, Japan, Indonesia, in Utah. Then there are the storms we've been having. Plus the financial shake-ups in the world markets. I know I've been in this business way too long when I start to see patterns everywhere.

So really, is it end of the world time again and no one told me? If I was feeling inspired, I could come up with a story involving the mysterious Illuminati and their search for a missing artifact that sends natural disasters roiling across the world. Or the virtual invasion of the Elder Gods of the Internet has sent financial markets tumbling.

Either that or I better lay off the coffee.


Der Fuhrer said...


skinnyblackcladdink said...

hmm. patterns everywhere. i just posted a pattern meself.

revel in your Gift, padawan. we are the few who, like the Great Stephen Colbert and that Da Vinci Code guy...See Connections Where None Exist!!!

(heh. i bet that last comparison sticks in your ribs.)

(and it seems i also must partake of that most sacred of ritual sacrifices, the 'laying off of the coffee')

Charles said...

Sorry, I'm the anti-Christ and it's not yet my birthday. So the end of the world isn't due until one more month.

banzai cat said...

fuhrer: Too true, especially with the latest hurricane news.

skinny: Heh it's not so bad. The concept of the DVC is good but the execution was really, really bad.

charles: Hmmm... is there free food? I am so there.

Charles said...

Death by chocolate ring any bells?

banzai cat said...

Heh I can feel the headache coming on right this moment!