Thursday, November 01, 2007

Two Promises

On Books:

Starting this month, I will not order books from abroad unless it be through Booktopia. Alas, this year, I've been buying books left and right courtesy of friends and relatives returning home from abroad or well-known authors having a massive booksale or what-not. Booktopia at least has been servicing my need for hard-to-find books. However, because of the number of books I order, I sometimes can't keep up with the payments and buying more from other sources is not damn helpful.

So there.

On Writing:

I was looking at my published track record for this year and I have only one (1) story up. *blinks* Given that I had three last year, this is rather pitiful. I suppose I slept the year away and woke up to find it's already November, all my writing projects pushed back and delayed once too often. Anyway, for the last two months of 2007, I will try to submit four stories in hopes that I will get at least two of 'em published (or up for publishing). Yes, this includes both print and online options.

Now, is that so much to ask?

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