Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It's way too early for the year 2008 to hear idiocy. Especially from some idiot who thinks that being an artist gives him the right not to hear criticism (i.e. criticism about his own work).

Personally, I prefer to hear discourse than complete silence. I don't have any problems when I hear someone say they didn't like my story because of form or structure. I know my own weaknesses as a writer as well as my own strengths so tell me something I don't know. Of course, the criticism better be smart and well thought-out or expect a smack on the head (either figuratively or literally). If you're going to open your mouth, better be sure you can back it up.

Likewise, criticism-- whether good or bad-- is up to the creator whether he/she wants to take it into consideration. One can take only the good, or let it in one ear and out the other; either way, nobody is forcing you to listen.

So, hearing this talk from an idiot who thinks to repress all discourse-- or at least wants it directed through him to be judged at his leisure-- because 'artists don't need criticism', well, needs a swift kick in the ass. Because it seems like that's where he need to be hit para matauhan siya.

(And for those asking, here's the link.)


bhex said...

I dunno, BC... I do think artists have the right not to listen to criticism, if they don't want to. They reap the consequences of their decisions. What artists DON'T have the right to do is prevent their audience from saying what they think about their work. Even if it's ill-informed or spontaneous, people are free to air their opinions - it's really up to the artist to listen or not.

Shutting out comments is... well, something I can relate to, actually, coming from the "old school" pre-blog mode of publishing :P But people have the right to post their opinions on me and my work in their own blogs/discussion spots/artsy coffeehouses. In fact, they're often more honest in those places, where they don't know I stalk them heheh.

Adam said...

sabi nga namin ni carl: "screw those idiots!"

at, erm, joey, di ko na naman natanggap yung ineMail mo sa'kin. baka namimisstype mo address ko? juncruznaligas(a)gmail(dot)com! ayun.

banzai cat said...

bhex: I have no problems if artists don't want to listen to criticism. Like I said, in one ear, out the other. My problem is if some idiot thinks that since he doesn't want to hear criticism, then maybe the other artists don't want to hear too. Some kind of 'hyena' pack mentality going on, wherein we never really graduated from high school and we're back to square one. Hmph.

adam: Hah dapat "fuck the establishment!" para catchy.

Btw, na-send ko ulit sa 'yo but feeling me dropped emails. Happening regularly now.

Jego said...

I read the link and I have to say I have no idea what that was about. :-D

banzai cat said...

Sorry to hear that.Though as Samuel Johnson states, "Sir, I have found you an argument; but I am not obliged to find you an understanding."

Jego said...

Hey, dont apologize, bc. It's not your fault. I just found the style impenetrable, not the argument (nor the arguing). Just not my cuppa I guess (the style and the arguing).

banzai cat said...

Mmm... that's too bad. Give it another shot. I do think that in this given situation, everyone's opinion matters.

To reiterate, understanding is up to you.