Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cool Things Do Happen to Cool People

I don't really know Colleen Lindsay (a.k.a. La Gringa) personally, having only some passing acquaintance due to a SFF forum before.

However, I've managed to keep track of her and finding out that she's back on the saddle of being a literary agent...

...well, that is just so great.*

*So if you people have a novel you want to try out for an agent, you can ask her. Because I know you people are out there. Yes, I'm looking at you dean and vin. I would love to have a Hinirang novel. *winks*


Dean said...

*sigh* So would I LOL

Alexander said...

Me too. Guess we'd better get crackin' on that one.

banzai cat said...

Well then, email her my friends.