Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Craft (With a capital 'C')

Color me bemused.

Am giving a talk on the writing process on Thursday in La Salle Taft for two of my stories, 'Logovore' and 'Brigada' after being invited by Dr. Marjorie Evasco. Not exactly sure how or what I'll talk about as am still figuring it out.

I'll probably talk about writing Philippine Spec Fic as a crossroads of ruminations and imagination to create these stories or some such thing.

Wala lang.

Update: Gah. Of course my memory's such a slippery slope nowadays. Aside from myself, [identity-protected] will also be there to talk about two of her own pieces. She's obviously the main event while I'm the comedic factor.

Eh. What am I doing, talking to budding writers? Ay caramba.


Charles said...

Aha! I sense [Identity-Protected]

banzai cat said...

Well, both of us will be there. :-)

Sean said...

Today, La Salle... tomorrow, the world! Mwahahahahah!

Don said...


Dean said...

Knock em dead, my friend! Raise high the banner! And give Marj a hug from me :)

banzai cat said...

sean: Hehe I really start with La Salle, eh?

don: Me the newest Jun Lozada *snort*

dean: Thanks man. :-) Will let [identity-protected] do the hugging though.