Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spitting and Snarling

Gah. I know I've been pretty gung-ho in trying to become a freelance writer, including doing any kind of writing job (for pay, of course). However, I recently tried out a freelance job over the weekend and I've finally realized there's a writing job that's akin to working at a call center (unless your a careerist) or a fast food service.*

The culprit? SEO writing. [*expletives deleted, including a scathing indictment of the type of writing involved*] It just reinforces the false perception that the work of writing is damn easy (well, okay it is) and thus, writers should be given pittances. I wouldn't mind the workload and the deadlines so much except that I found out the pay is extremely quite low. Eh.

(Obviously, I'm a bit miffed about the whole thing and that some people like doing the SEO thing to earn money for their websites. But still, though I have low expectations about work as writing, my experience has made me realize that there some jobs that are scraping the bottom of the barrel. You cannot abuse your writing like that.)

(*I'm not denigrating any job. But in terms of income, you know what you're getting into, right?)

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