Monday, July 28, 2008

Five Days and Counting

Well, the day's almost over and the end of this week will be my last day with this job.

I have to admit that I'm leaving with a bit of a heavy heart: the writing is good and the people I work with are cool. Unfortunately, the pay isn't much and given my age, I can't allow myself to slack off. I may be disinclined to work corporate but that doesn't mean I should work for peanuts. You find work where you can get it, but you work, goddamit. Nobody else is going to pay the bills for you.

Yes, I have a new job-- one I'm going to start with on Monday. Funny enough, things fell serendipitously in place when I accepted this new one: I had promised myself after my last job that I'd spend two months checking out the freelance lifestyle before I go back to working regular. And though what happened was really more of a semi-freelance thing (i.e. my current work was easy enough that I could accept other part-time jobs), I saw how addicting it was to find writing gigs, get it, and get paid. Unfortunately, finding the gigs was damn hard to find.

Two months down to five days. It's been an interesting period of my life.

(P.S. We have new 15 minutes!)

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