Thursday, July 24, 2008

Small Worlds

Garr! I just realized that one of my co-workers at the office-- well, barely even that as she had resigned a month or so after I came in-- was actually Erin Denise Chupeco, the third placer at The 2007 Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards (a.k.a. the Neil Gaiman Awards).

I just only managed to confirm this after talking to her boyfriend who works in the same office. And all this time we didn't know we had already passed by each other's presence like the mystical conjunction of planets in the solar system.

Weird. But then again, my boss is Karlo N. B. Samson, a good friend of alex. It just made me realize that: erin knows dean + karlo knows alex and alex knows dean + I know dean = dean is the center of the universe! Ah-hah!

(Picture taken from here.)


Ryan said...

my god it's like some kind of movie

banzai cat said...

funny man. Though I prefer "Where in the world is ryan?" ;-)