Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Passage of Time

Garr-- I only have one published story to my name and half the year's gone! Where did the time go?

Actually, I do know that I have two stories waiting to be born (an action-adventure story and a dragon in the Philippines story) in two anthologies. I'm also waiting word for two other stories though I'm not exactly expecting anything out of those. But if everything goes according to schedule, the story I submitted for the Philippine Graphic/Fiction in 2007 will finally see the light of day as part of an anthology this November.

Still, where was the promise to myself for more story output? Down the drain, I suppose, thanks to the current job carousel. Damndamndamn. It's not that I write slow: more like I get distracted easily. It doesn't help that I didn't have anything ready when the deadline for the Haunted antho by Datlow/Mamatas came rolling in. Meh.

Gotta get my list of story ideas and start pounding the keyboard again. In the meantime, what are you people writing nowadays? Anyone coming out anytime soon?


tyron said...

Call yourself luckier than me.

Now I'm checking out feng shui if the house we moved into is lacking on the creative front.

(Renegading stray wi-fi signal here; can't surf Multiply, Blogger and LJ at the office anymore)

banzai cat said...

That sucks. So no chance you'll be submitting to Phil Spec Fic 4 or the Neil Gaiman contest? I know of one guy who really liked your story in Phil Spec Fic 1...

tyron said...

I might have the chance to submit, after watching Dean's video interview. I felt like he was talking to me.

I'll be practicing for a marathon too (just a 5k first to also drop the smoking habit). Will run like Murakami.

Times like these I need all the help I can get.

PS. I think I know the guy you're talking about. A writer who also contributed to Vince Groyon's flash fic antho? We met at the book reading some months back.

Sean said...

Me, I'm busy with work transitions. I'm moving into a new role right now, and I need to learn the ropes by November. I'm still going to try for both Dean Alfar's call for submissions and the Fully Booked contest this year, but the ideas are coming a little slow.

There's a chance that "Tech Support" might see print this year, but that's up to the magazine that holds the rights to it at the moment. Apart from that, I'm just sitting around thinking of new plots here.

Don said...

always exhausted. i don't even have time to write in my journal anymore haha.

banzai cat said...

tyron: yeah I think so. He was also on board Groyon's book.

Cool that you're submitting. Though the TV talking thing reminds me too much of televangelists calling on people to lay their hands on top of the TV. ;-)

Am wondering if you've might have met up with brother recently as he's also active in the running/marathon scene.

sean: I know exactly what you mean (what with my own new job). I guess that explains your slow blogging days also?

don: Man, that sucks. Work treating you bad? Does the pay compensate or you just really hate your job (that is, why you're tired all the time).

Sean said...

Actually, my slow blogging days are mostly due to the fact that both my siblings have their own blogs now... and I usually have to fight a pitched battle whenever I want to use the computer. :)

banzai cat said...

well, I have complete faith in your jello-wrestling techniques to win the day.;-)

Don said...

hmn. a mixture of those things. haha. but maybe I'm just being lazy.


banzai cat said...

*pfft* my only excuse is the current workload. *sigh*