Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Philippine Speculative Fictionists, Unite! (or the Year 2008 in Retrospect)

And for those of you who think that there is no super-sikrit conspiracy managing this whole Philippine Speculative Fiction as part of a plan to overthrow the current GMA regime and line up the literary community against the wall to be shot, charles has an excellent post on the rundown of the stories for the year 2008.

Personally, I could have done better with my own output. Only two stories for year 2008? Gah. Though not for the lack of trying, and there were some major shakeups in my working life that-- even with a renewed promise and discipline-- I could not find the time to actually write. It also doesn't help that I also received two negative stories for this year (one of them being David Dizon of abs-cbnnews doing an advanced review of kyu's Philippine Genre Horror issue). Negative reviews per se don't really bother me, it's more like I feel I'm losing my storytelling touch.

More than this, I'm still zero-all in terms of international submissions. This is harder than it looks actually: the one thing that galls me is that I usually fit a story with a particular market and sometimes my work doesn't fit the bill. But we do what we can, when we can...

Still, there's hope for me yet. I've learned to write without deadlines looming and now have a handful of short stories-- though still with a lot of needed edits!-- in my brand-new (learned) baul of stories. Unfortunately, I can't avoid the deadline-writing habit as there are some stories that I need to slot into particular themes or ideas. My only reassurance is that under pressure, I usually succeed big or fail big-- no middle ground there. So it will be interesting nonetheless.

... what's that? A novel, you say? Why not? *grins*

Update: Damn, I only have one publishing cred for 2008 since kyu's PGS Horror didn't come out this year. As dean says, "one is the loneliest number..."


Don said...

yarr. okay lang yan. at least may output ka, haha.

see you saturday!

Ryan said...

well, if the guy has bad things to say about comic books, he is sadly limited in good taste.

banzai cat said...

don: hehe but output will only go so far. or as they say, you're only as good as your last story.

ryan: it's all right, man, I've got thick fur-- er, skin. ;-)