Friday, January 09, 2009

Passing of An Age, Part 1

It's sad to hear that my favorite small bookstore, Booktopia in Libis, is closing shop. Supposedly it's going to be transferring to another location but so far no word of it yet. Supposedly it's also going to go online with their ordering system. That's good to know.

Still, there's something to be said about wandering among their bookshelves and enjoying the sight of books spines all lined up. Sunday is their last day of their moving-out sale so am hoping their remaining stocks will be picked up.

It's something I feared would happen. For quite sometime, I've noticed the handful of smaller bookshops have been folding up. First it was Aeon Books in Katipunan, then the Ink and Stone chapter of A Different Bookstore in Podium together with the latter's branch in Glorietta in Makati. Am hoping their main store in Serendra would be able to hold out.

*sigh* Those were the days when there was more than National Bookstore or its snootier cousin, Powerbook. It was because of the variety of choices available in other bookshops I think the reason why the above two started picking up small press books, graphic novels and even manga. Now there's only Fully-Booked (and the profusion of second-hand bookstores).

Ah well, here's to better book days...


Charles said...

Booktopia: relocating itself as an online seller.

A Different Bookstore Makati: relocated to the foodcourt.

A Different Bookstore Serendra: Seems to be the peakest location for business.

banzai cat said...

charles: yeah so I heard about booktopia. but all their emails promise they'll be moving somewhere else physical.

as for ADB, really? the foodcourt in 3rd floor G4?