Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Notebook

Because I have nothing better to do (hah!), I've decided to try out the features of Wordpress and transferred my 15-minute writing blog there. I'll also include the older material on my blog-- slowly transferring them one by one-- and you can find them all there: This is 15-minutes.

Why did I make the shift? No good reason really. I just wanted to see how Wordpress compares to Blogger.

Likewise, I wanted a separate online site for my "idea" notebook. Why? dean once mentioned to me that he would normally write a vignette when he has a story idea, i.e. as a way of solidifying it. Given that I find my best ideas becoming stories from my 15-minute exercises, that's what I'm doing with my Wordpress account.

And it's like a new toy: keeps me going after a hard day's work.

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