Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This isn't a Film Adaptation

Noted indie filmmaker Khavn dela Cruz just posted this:
“BLACKWORMS” @ Oberhausen Filmfest, April 30 to May 5, 2009
Starring Donna Miranda and written by Joseph Nacino, “Blackworms” premieres at this most prestigious shortfilm festival’s International Competition section.
Linky here, filmfest here, idea here.

And no, I can't write a script to save my tires. It was more like:
Khavn: Write me a story!
Me: Okay.
(later) Khavn: Write me a story!
Me: Crap, I forgot. Wait, I had a dream...
(later) Khavn: It's done.
Me: Wow, that was fast.
Don't you wish Hollywood was like this?


Ryan said...

hey joey, that's great you are working with other artists!
i wanted you and someone i know to collaborate on something before but i'm glad to see you are already doing it.
i'm thinking eventually, if you like know a classic musician (you know, for like an orchestra score that is in all great hollywood movies. think:star wars, indiana jones, etc) a costume designer, a 3d animator, etc then it will make 1 great pinoy movie

banzai cat said...

well, it was more like chance than anything else. still, khavn's a pretty cool and easy-going guy and he's a generous-soul.