Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ex Libris: Book Review Interruption

Unfortunately, the list of books I've read for the past months (since the start of the year) was also in the laptop and I can't remember them anymore.

But here's an interesting statistic I culled from my reading list which also included a list of my purchases: in the past months (January - June), I had an average of 7-8 books read per month. However, with the exception for the month of June, I had bought an average of 13 books a month. This, of course, is a mixture of books bought from regular bookstores but mainly from secondhand bookstores.

For the month of June I imposed a book-buying moratorium so I had zero purchases. How's that for emotional quotient, eh?


Ryan said...

you're mad! mad!

banzai cat said...

you only found that out now? ;-)