Monday, September 28, 2009

Dashing off a Quick Note

1. Hope those of you caught in the rain are okay. That was one hell of a rainy day, yes? (Who was the one who saved up for it?! Grrr!)

2. I'm back in the saddle again so I won't have as much free time as I've had the past four months. However, I'm back in my online ivory tower so expect me to be surfing the electronic waves every day.

3. I'm trying to finish a book: five chapters down, I have seven days to go. Expect some brain fuses to explode.

4. Likewise, I'm doing my occasional sideline that has a deadline this Wednesday so expect me to be a bit scarce here. (Except unless I get a break to do a book review.)

5. The antho's almost finished, just the website to touch up. (Right, ty?) In the meantime, here's the title for the next one (complete with a guest-editor): Demons of the New Year.

6. And the PSF V deadline is coming up: October 15! Yikes!

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