Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ground Rules (No House Parties!)

I've set up the guidelines page for Estranghero Press, which can be found here.

This is what I've posted...
Some guidelines on Estranghero Press:

1. The release of the Estranghero Press offerings is scheduled quarterly-- or as close as possible to release four online anthologies or collections a year. As such, the call-outs will be done two to three months before the actual release (i.e. publication) of the anthologies. Send in your works within the set reading period by then.

2. The anthologies or collections will handled by a guest editor for the particular release. However, the overall series editor will be yours truly.

3. The stories of future online anthologies or collections will depend on the themes proposed in the call-outs. These themes will depend on the discussions with the guest editor. However, Estranghero Press is open to suggestions on possible themes, topics, subject matters, etc.

4. The anthologies or collections will primarily be short stories of speculative fiction in nature. However, Estranghero Press is open to collections of non-fiction or critical essays on other possible themes and topics.

5. Given that Estranghero Press is striving to become a platform for Filipino speculative fiction on the Internet, we will be limiting our solicitation of works from Filipinosm whether living in the Philippines, outside the country, or of Filipino blood.

Unfortunately, though we would want to publish material from non-Filipinos, we want to concentrate first in giving a voice to Filipino writers online. One day, we would want to come up with publications that is open to all speculative fiction writers regardless of nationality. But not right now.

6. Estranghero Press is a paying market, i.e. PhP500 per published piece. Given that this is done all out of the editorial pocket without much regard to advertising at the moment, the payment is all we can afford. But we'll get around to fixing the bloody business plan and hopefully we can raise the rates.

(This is also one reason we are limiting my submissions from local writers because- aside from we can't match the pay of international publications-- we can at least the local writers in person until we get around to fixing up the Paypal account.)

Further guidelines to follow once we come up with more...
Hmm... any questions or clarifications?

Which reminds me: don't forget, the deadline for the Demons of the New Year online antho is this Friday, January 15! Finish those stories and send 'em to me as soon as you can, okay?

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