Friday, January 08, 2010

A Year in Books: 2009

It's been a mixed year for my reading.

I know I've read a lot this year-- though I'm presuming not as much given the past year's workload, my writing, and the psychic obstacles courses I've gone through. But it was just a matter of putting my nose into the pages and reading, reading, reading.

Unfortunately, having my laptop stolen at the middle of the year also affected my book assessment as I had kept my records there: what books I finished reading for the year, what books I had bought, as well as what books I ought to do reviews.

The updated records list was in the laptop and alas, when it was stolen, I didn't have desire anymore to remember what was written there-- nor to keep track of the remaining year.

Suffice to say, the only books I remember reading this year were the past two books I've reviewed, plus the new Wheel of Time. The rest-- just a blank in my memory. I must be getting old. (A check with my blog posts shows I've done 11 reviews in the past year. Wow, that little? Not only my reading has slowed down, my book review blogging has as well.)

In any case, it's the new year and I've started once again maintaining a record of the books (a couple finished since January 1: Patrick Rothfuss' traditional fantasy The Name of the Wind and Dan Simmons' historical-thriller The Terror) I've gone through since 2010 came in. This time, I'm keeping a printed record so hopefully I won't lose track again if ever something happens. *knock on wood*

Oh yes, my selection for the best book I've read last year? It's probably Mary Gentle's Ash: A Secret History. Just check out the review below for the reasons why.

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