Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stories to Haunt the year 2010

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I've already sent out notifications to those involved. To that end, here's the list of the stories accepted in the upcoming online anthology Demons of the New Year: Horror from the Philippines.

1. Catherine Walder: The Kambubulag
2. Eliza Victoria: Salot
3. Don Jaucian: The Different Degrees of Night
4. Marguerite de Leon: K-10 Mushroom
5. Tyron Caliente: Dark Moving Houses
6. Dominique Cimafranca: People's Champ (English version)
7. Rommel Santos: Best Served Cold
8. Karren Sena: Lullabies

I also solicited a number of stories from a few writers:

9. Adam David: Snip
10. Carljoe Javier: Demon Gaga
11. Ed Geronia: The Summoner

This, plus Karl de Mesa's excerpt of The Magdalene Fist, will make the anthology an even dozen. (Or maybe that should have been 13?)

Anyway, congratulations to everyone!

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