Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking for Monsters (A Curious Cat Question)

So there's thing I'm working on, called Project: Little Monsters.

Right now, I haven't been writing because of work and the Demons online anthology (which I reassure is coming out soon! Honest!). However, instead of writing short stories, I've been... trying to develop a book-length work of shorter works of fiction.

In this case, I've been listing a number of Filipino monsters and (cultural) myths that I'm developing into a kind of dictionary-- except that I use narratives to define these concepts and modify/update it for today. (In other words, I write stories about them.)

And here's what I want to ask you people: what monsters or myths do you want defined today?

Here's the current alphabetical list I'm working. It doesn't matter if a particular letter is already filled, if you have something interesting to suggest, I'm all ears.

Makabagong Diksyunaryo ng Kababalaghan: Mga Kwento para sa Bagong Milenyo
(The New Dictionary of Strangeness: Stories for the New Millennium)

1. a - Aswang / Agta (giant) / Amamanhig (undead) / Antique / ANTING-ANTING
2. b - BANGUNGOT / Balete / Buso (ogre) / Black Dog (aswang) / Batbat-cuao (shapechanger bird of witch) / Busao
3. (c) -
4. d - Demonyo / DIABLO / Dwende [danag - suggested by ryan]
6. (f) -
7. g - GHOST
8. h - Higante / Headless / HAUNTED / Halimaw
9. i - Impakto (aswang) / IKUGAN
10. (j) -
11. k - KAPRE
12. l - LAMAN-LUPA
13. m - Mambabarang / MANGKUKULAM / Maranhig (undead) / Mantiw (giant) / Magcucutud (mananangal) / Mananambal (healer)
15. (ñ)
16 ng - MANANANGGAL / MaNGgagaway (witch) / BuNGisnis (laughing cyclops)
17. o - Oag (evil spirit - see Sigbin)???/ Omayan/ OUR LADY OF BALETE
18. p - Pugot (giant) / Pugot na Ulo / Palasekan/ Pasatsat / PINTADO
19. (q) -
21. s - SIRENA / Syokoy / Santo Nino / S'ring (ogre / changeling) / Sigbin (manananggal/witch's pet/kangaroo-type myth)[santelmo - suggested by celestine]
22. t - TIKBALANG / Tiktik (invisible - lizard?)
23. u - BUSAO (ghoul)??? / UNGO
24. (v) -
25. w - WHITE LADY / Wakwak (bat woman)
26. [x] -
27. y - TYANAK
28. [z] -

If you've noticed, I've managed to include both Tagalog and English alphabet.

So can anyone help me out here?


AD said...

sa "F" baka puwede "FAGGOT?"

tas sa "X" baka puwede "X-GF?"

Lily said...

Adam, your comment is so predictable! Nevertheless: Bwahahahahaha! Oo nga, katakot naman kasi the wood they would use to burn witches and sodomites centuries ago. Iniisip ko "F" for "Fanget". enye- for anto nino na tiyanak talaga. "J" for "Jologs". Puede rin "Giant Joga". C for "Callos". "V" for "Vaklushi". "X" for "Xtasy, Xtano" and "Z" for "Zupot". Tsk, tsk, pron.

banzai cat said...

@adam, lily: hehe okay na idea yun. though it's something i have to think about because it totally turns the idea of filipino myths on its heads.

Ryan said...

what was the balete drive thing?

also diba may parang vortex where cars roll uphill?