Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spreading the Word of the Diaspora

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Hey folks, here's a reminder that the deadline for Diaspora Ad Astra: Science Fiction from the Philippines is coming up by July 31. So if you've got an SF story, go submit!

Here are the guidelines for the call for submissions again:
Our upcoming next anthology will look into the future (near or far). Will we still be exporting human workers to Mars or to Alpha Centauri? Will we be ruling an Empire of Humanity? Or will we be running a guerrilla war against robots that we've invented as the rest of homo sapiens flee into space in derelict battleships?

What do you think?

(Unlike the previous collections, we're hoping these stories will be focusing on Filipinos as characters or as a race in these stories. As the title implies, we may have the future but it's our future at least.)

Diaspora Ad Astra: Science Fiction from the Philippines edited by Joseph Nacino & Professor Emil Flores" will be published electronically to make this collection of stories available to a wider international audience. Through this anthology we will be able to show the world that the Filipino writer can create worlds with the best of them.

Submission Guidelines:

1. As works of the imagination and speculative fiction, the theme is the title: 'Diaspora Ad Astra'. Works of Science Fiction will be preferred.

2. Stories must cater to an adult sensibility. However, if you have a Young Adult story that is particularly well-written, send it in.

3. Stories must be written in English.

4. Stories must be authored by Filipinos or those of Philippine ancestry.

5. We will accept only original unpublished stories.

6. First time authors are welcome to submit. Good stories trump literary credentials anytime.

7. No multiple submissions. Each author may submit only one story for consideration. No simultaneous submissions. Authors should not have their stories under consideration to other publications at the time of the submission and consolidation period.

8. Each story's word count must be no more than 7,500 words.

9. All submissions must be in Rich Text Format (.rtf – save the document as .rft on your word processor) and attached to an email to this address: estranghero@gmail.com. Submissions received in any other format will be deleted unread.

10. The subject of your email must read: DAA Submission: (title) (word count); where (title) is replaced by the title of your short story, without the parentheses, and (word count) is the word count of your story, without the parentheses. For example – DAA Submission: The Constellation of Marcos 4500.

11. All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter that includes your name, brief bio, contact information, previous publications (if any).

12. Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2010. After that date, final choices will be made and letters of acceptance or regret sent out via email.

13.This anthology will be made available online. Target publishing date is August 2010.

14. Compensation is Php500 for every accepted story.

Kindly help spread the word. Feel free to cut and paste or link to this on your blogs or e-groups – and send your story in.


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