Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scratchings in the Sand, part 2

here's something to do when you're riding an elevator. it's called 'low-hand draw'.

mind, you can only do this when you're going up from the ground floor. if there's like a handful of you waiting for the elevator, it's better but just as long there's you and one other person, it'll work out fine.

when you step inside the elevator, obviously, the first thing you're gonna do is punch in your floor button. keep track of all the people punching their floors.

now the goal of this game is to reach your floor first. low-hand draw involves your floor being the first destination of the elevator on its way up. if you do, you win. if someone punches in a lower-floor, you lose (obviously).

of course the drawbacks of this game is that if your floor is at the upper levels of the building, you're more likely to lose. on the reverse, if your floor is at the lower levels, for the win obviously.

but it doesn't matter: it's really a matter of seeing what you draw, like any card game.

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