Saturday, September 11, 2010


And just like that, all my problems have come to a head-- for my head! Work hasn't completely swamped me but-- as a sign of age probably-- I've completely forgotten that I have a number of fiction writing deadlines.

First of all is Pao Chikiamco's Alternative Alamat online anthology for RocketKapre, with a deadline that had been set for August 30 but extended until September 15. I actually have an idea for the story I want to write for pao but obviously, I just need time to set my ass on a chair and start writing about it.

Up next is the annual Philippine Speculative Fiction collection, the sixth volume which will be edited by Nikki Alfar and Kate Aton-Osias for this year. This one will have a deadline by September 30. No idea yet what I'm going to write for Nikki and Kate. Maybe I'll plumb my 15-minute exercises, maybe something I started before but haven't finished yet.

Though I was thinking: my previous stories for PSF have been science-fiction/action. Maybe I should write a horror/drama or a fantasy/steampunk/ romance this time?

I also want to do a story each for a couple of friends (Kenneth Yu for Digest of Philippine Genre Stories and Karl de Mesa for Playboy Magazine) but like PSFV6, I haven't decided yet what story to write. Moreover, they all have a deadline for this month.

Fun times, eh? Like in my previous post, I really think I'm spreading myself too thin with my writing. But I cannot stop saying "yes" to the words that to be written and that need to be said.

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