Saturday, November 20, 2010

Missing out in Life

I suppose I should offer an apology to those who're still following this blog (the few that are still wont to). Currently, I've been busy with work such that I've not had time to make updates.

What makes it worse is that I've also been unable to cite such excellent events like Karl de Mesa's relaunch of his book, News of the Shaman, which was recently held over the weekend at Quantum Cafe.

I wouldn't have minded going except that we've been bouncing offices as well as handling the upcoming launch of our blogs. Alas, sorry KMFDM. But at least I managed to hit your first launch.

Likewise, I also managed to miss blogging about Paolo's Rocketkapre launch of the second issue of Usok, which came out early this month. If ever you want to read FREE! FILIPINO! FICTION!, your best bet is Usok, which also has a cool cover. See below:

Urban Filipino fantasy, take that!

In any case, will be filling in the holes in this blog with some random posts, like some kind of blogging Inception. Accept those postdated posts as my way of offering my apologies.


thebee said...

I still read you, Kitty.

banzai cat said...

awww, thanks bee.