Thursday, December 02, 2010

November Books

Only a small load of books for this month, which is not surprising given that I usually splurge at the end of November. At the very least I managed to pick up the latest output in the Wheel of Time series, Towers of Midnight by the late Robert Jordan and currently written by Brandon Sanderson. Suffice to say, I immediately dug into the book and managed to come out a few days later.

I also bought a couple of books, one at the months-long sale at A Different Bookstore in Serendra: 13 Bullets by David Wellington, who's creating a career out of reiterating classic monsters for today's age. I've already tried his first book on zombies and I definitely want to see what he did with vampires.

Lastly, I picked up latest short story collection by one of my favorite writers in the world, Kelly Link. Pretty Monsters had actually been out here for quite some time but I had already read some of her stories in various collections and I didn't have the urge to get it earlier. Fortunately, I thought it was a good way to foreshadow my birthday with a Kelly Link book of stories, yes?

Now let's see what December brings in terms (and number) of books!

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