Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bearing the Cross of Writing Again

So I'm back, like the prodigal son drifting into a hostile hometown. Or maybe I'm just paranoid and it really makes no difference whether I update this blog or not after almost three months of absence. After all, the Internet is a tough crowd anyway.

Ironically, between reading and writing, I'd rather be reading. It's not like I was born to write like others, who seem to either have the inborn gene of need to express themselves through the written word or those who escape the mud that bind their feet to this earth via a flight of letters because that's the only way they know how to live (or survive).

However, after being surrounded by people of passion for so many years, I can't help but continue to write even after such a period of sobriety. And once you start, you can't help but seek that passion even after so long a time has passed. Yes, writing can be addicting, a drug that haunts your physical self (Have you seen how writers look? Aside from the lack of sleep as you try to write, try putting food on your table by being a writer!) but is uplifting for your soul.

I'm minded by a quote posted by writer Jonathan Carroll on Facebook, from one Pablo Sandoval who said: "A man can change anything. His face, his home, his family, his girlfriend, his religion, his God. But there’s one thing he can’t change. He can’t change his passion."

There's truth in that, even if it's a passion that's learned rather than something that he or she was born with. So that's why I'm back and I hope I'll be able to entertain you again with this blog.


Anonymous said...

The quote is from a character in the movie THE SECRETS IN YOUR EYES, just so you know.


banzai cat said...

Great! Thanks for the info! :-)