Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Traveler Returns (in Chagrin, Again)

(A barista at the airport teaches me about being proud of one's work, regardless of what you do for a living.)

The prodigal blogger returns and it's been a strange journey indeed, both in terms of time and distance.

Obviously, this blog has been radio-silent for more than a month now, ever since October. For that I apologize as at that time I was gallivanting around the older parts of Europe: Budapest in Hungary, Vienna in Austria, Prague in Czech Republic, Krakow in Poland, and Munich and Franfkurt in Germany. Call it... my last hurrah as an amateur world-traveler.

Ironically, during my 3-week sojourn I wasn't really running silent as I was filling out my Zombie Contingency Plans in the days leading up to the trip... while I was on my trip. (See: retroactive posting, a good idea at the time). I figured though that I'd start posting newer posts about my trip afterwards in the form of some short fiction.

Alas, the traveling, adapting to new cities again and again, and the cold soon got to me such that by the time we hit Germany, I was sorely glad to going home soon. It was then I thought I'm getting too old to be globe-trotting traveler. Maybe my younger days, yes.

I'm sure you're wondering why I keep mentioning my age. Maybe it's because I definitely started feeling it this month of October, from my trip and THEN! getting sick with the fever for more than week.

Before, you could almost clock my body recovery plan: get sick with high temp on day 1, battle it out on day 2, recover on day 3. But this time, I got hit by a surprising fever on a Sunday, was sick starting Wednesday and was out for 5 days and counting. I had to take antibiotics around Friday when I realized that this ain't no ordinary fever already.

So yeah, I'll start posting again, starting with my trip through the Old Europe through a bibliophile's eyes, do a little 15-minute fiction over my other blog and insert a few book reviews here and there.

I'm still here, I'm still alive, but just a little bit more tired and a little bit old.


raissa said...

Get well soon.

The cold in Europe is bone-searing. So you know how Rizal feels.

Of the places you mentioned, I haven't been to Krakow and Budapest (which I hear is lovely).

How did you find them?

Try Italy next time. NOt as cold but still Old World. Florence, Siena, Assisi and Venice are my favorites.

banzai cat said...

hi raissa thanks!

yeah the cold was really mind-blowing: i never realized what cold was until i got there. (and not even winter yet!)

you should try checking out krakow and budapest, especially the latter. there's a sense of history to the city that feels authentic to me as compared to the other cities. but i'm still glad i managed to visit the other cities.

alas, i wish i could visit italy and venice, two of my favorite countries to visit before i die. unfortunately, i don't think i'll ever get the finances to do so in my remaining lifespan. :-(