Thursday, December 01, 2011

Random Shots of a Reluctant Traveler #1: Budapest

So the traveler sets forward, not knowing where the end lay but knowing at least that there is a beginning...

The church glowed in the night, a sanctuary to the fearful vampires that hid from the burning torches of the lynch mobs.

The boy sorcerer fell from the cliff and into history, the oppressed non-magic-using peoples setting up a hidden memorial for the one who tried to defy his own kind.

There is a sunset that will never come, one painted red and gold by memories that will never tarnish, that will never be forgotten by those who love us.

Do you see the secret? Do you? It's there, if you know where to look.

The lions of this place, they speak to me. They are old souls and they have seen so many things. That is why they are constantly laughing, for what other reaction would you expect them to have?

The master of all creative geniuses is an empty mask that hangs over your head and mocks your best efforts. Didn't you know that?

It was an old picture he found dumped in his closet. When he compared it to memory, they were the same: the colors faded by time and age.

She walked away, down and out from his life. From where he stood, it seemed like she was walking away into forever.

He shook his head: the defenders of the castle had finally come, in their tourist buses and bearing their weapons of digital cameras and tourist maps.

The sentinel does not mind. He will wait.

Their family portraits had always been grand and glorious affairs. Unfortunately, they took forever to create.

I finally understood what it means to be enshrined in people's memories, trapped by the weight of regret and anger bearing me down. Like a tomb.

The past is a palace that stands on the far side of the river of time, musty with age and lonely with echoes.

He sold crossbows and bows and arrows for a living. He used to joke that his target market was a hit-or-miss thing.

Look, over there. I can see you standing in the distance, waving at me. But I do not believe it's really you. It's just a dream and you are too far away to be real.

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