Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Random Shots of a Reluctant Traveler#2: Vienna

Sadly, the place they had met and had fallen in love looked even more beautiful in the daylight.

So far, none of the giant moles that had made the secret tunnels that ran underneath the city had yet been sighted.

"Trust me, literary immortality is overrated," he ranted as he lit another cigarette. "Literary immortality is a statue sitting in the middle of the fucking park, covered in bird shit and ignored by the general public who haven't read a single piece of your work."

"Oh, they know it," he said slyly, "but they just don't have time to read it."

There are monsters in our city and these are their fossilized bones.

When he was a child, he remembered the giant clock that loomed over the dining room, larger than he was tall and quite, quite old. Because of this, he was never really comfortable about eating in general.

Shhh. The street is sleeping quietly now. But sometimes it wakes and moves into the next corner looking for sunlight. (With apologies to China Mieville.)

A fossilized church, finally revealed to the public after years of careful uncovering from the stone that surrounded it.

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