Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Art and Life

You know what they say about art copying life and vice-versa?

Well, prolific comic book writer Warren Ellis-- creator of TRANSMETROPOLITAN, the best selling DV8 and WOLVERINE: NOT DEAD YET, the influential THE AUTHORITY and STORMWATCH, the optioned-for-television PLANETARY and a whole lot of other stuff-- found himself wondering if things are stranger than they seem in this blog entry:

I swear, I've just seen a black car drive past the pub with ESSEX PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS emblazoned on its side in yellow. Creepily, five minutes earlier, a helicopter in black and yellow livery buzzed over. Note to self -- google them when you get home.

And find out if they have a helicopter.

-- W

___sent from Treo/Tuesday

Weird, ennit?

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