Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Media Res: Oedipus Rex

It's the second day of NaNoWriMo and I still haven't written anything. Of course I do have that excerpt ("The Word-eater Falls In Love") I did sometime ago so at least I have an idea on where to go. Still, I'm a tad bit uneasy. It doesn't help that I've been busy, what with yesterday's visit to the crowded cemetery.

Ironically, as I try to focus my writing brain on the novel-project, I managed to finish the 700-word story I wanted to submit to a local magazine. Eh, talk about distracting Joe to finish off John.

It was actually an interesting writing exercise: try to write a story that includes kama sutra, the bird flu and aswang in 700 words. Here's part of it:

AREAS OF INCIDENCE: 6Underground in Palanca Street, Makati; The Basement in Eastwood, Libis; Sidebar in El Pueblo Pasig; etc.
INTERVIEWER: Xander Escaño

Amidst the loud, throbbing bass, the hubbub of the crowd and the clink of their glasses, the tear-inducing haze of cigarette smoke, the lurid shadows and the flash of blinding strobe-lights: he was there. For a moment, he seemed to smile—just a hint on the lips, really.

Then he was beside her, speaking in a distinct voice despite the deafening noise.

“Hey you.”

“Hey yourself,” the girl replied, a bit challenging. But her eyes were interested.


As per our last interview, we are in Side Bar in El Pueblo in order for me to observe the Subject in action. The Subject is currently talking to a girl near the bar. His moves are smooth and well practiced: one moment he’s smiling at a girl, the next he has the girl and her friends eating out of his hand as they laugh over something he said.

From their body language, the girls are wary but open to the Subject’s intrusion. I suppose it also helps that the Subject is “pleasing to the eye” as my girlfriend has said though personally, I wouldn’t know. I suppose some girls do find the Subject’s chinito looks attractive.

Of all the test persons we’ve interviewed for our Psycho-Sexual-Social Test (This has to be most idiotic test name ever!), this Subject is most singular in his fixation on young single mothers. He’s like an aswang in singling them out in the bars and discos he frequents. What does he do, smell them out?

I know this is coming out more of a character study than anything else but what can you do with 700-words?

Later folks...

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