Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Like A Smoothie Criminal, Really

I wasn't feeling well again so I decided to go home early last night. However, I couldn't resist passing by Booksale at the Edsa Central mall branch on Shaw boulevard to check out the latest in secondhand books.

Imagine my surprise when I found this: Jeffrey Ford's Girl in the Glass!

Quite shameful. Absolutely criminal, actually. Though known more as a fantasist, Ford is reportedly one of "5 Mystery Writers Worth Investigating," to quote a Time magazine article. And though I haven't really read his novels (except for his first one), his short stories like "In Reparata", "The Weight of Words" and "A Night At the Tropics" have generally blown me away.

What did I do? Obviously, I bought the book.

I do admit that whenever I buy a secondhand book, I occasionally feel guilty. But given that this country doesn't get most of the good books and the books themselves are rather costly (including trying to order from abroad), I get by as best as I can.

Which is why, to justify my purchase, I aim to order this from abroad as soon as possible:

*sigh* The things I do to appease my conscience. (Yeah right!)

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