Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yahoo! I'm not a Fanboy!

Via Cheryl Morgan, here's an article from The New York Daily News on what makes a fanboy (or how to become one!):

For those readers who can't tell an ion drive from an Aeon Flux, or a Cylon from a pylon, this week's column is for you. This is a primer for neophytes who wish to sample some works that may turn them into enthusiasts, or at least give them a sense why everyone is talking about "X-Men: The Last Stand" or "Superman Returns."

More to the point, Cheryl declared:

It lists the essential comics, science fiction movies, Hong Kong movies and horror movies that every fanboy should know. It does not list a single book. Apparently fanboys don’t read books. I can’t tell you how relieved I am.

Apparently, so am I.

(So there, sky! *sardonic grin*)


markmomukhamo said...

but it's so much fun to geek out! heh.

yeah too bad they didn't list fanboy books by Tolkien, Philip K. Dick, Gaiman (fer crissakes), Heinlein, Carroll, Douglas Adams etc. some of the better written popjunk stuff in comics and movies owe much to literature which you can't finish at one seating in the can.

then again it is the new york daily news.

Der Fuhrer said...

I just finished "The Door Into Summer". Yay for me!!! Too bad, that's the last Heinlein book I found at the library.

They listed Gaiman there 'di ba? I think it was Sandman #50

I freaking agree!! Its so much fun to geek out!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

banzai cat said...

mark: Hah! That's true. Though I try not to let it show that much. ;-)

Seriously, considering the number of movies that have been made out of Dick's stories, the exclusion is pretty criminal. But as you say, maybe the source isn't that all reliable.

der fuhrer: Hmmm, unfortunately, my only Heinlein was Starship Troopers (way before the atrocious movie) so I'm a bit behind. Must remedy that.

And yeah, they listed primarily movies and comic books. But the books, man! Where are the books?

Der Fuhrer said...

I freaking agree. Most SF on comics and movies are based on books.

banzai cat said...

*in a stage whisper* Which is actually ironic since a lot of stuff being written is heavily influenced by what we watch-- in this case, the movies. ;-)