Friday, February 01, 2008

A Writing Calendar

Wow. Coming after a measly two submission year in 2007, I've come up with something of a writing schedule for 2008. (See charles? I'm writing more!)

Actually, it's more like a list of possible markets to submit stories, ranging from the usual suspects (Philippine Genre Stories, Philippine Free Press, Story Philippines) to international publications (Strange Horizons, Clarkesworld, Eclipse 2) to people asking me to submit.

The way I work is that for each market, I look into my folder of ideas and consider which story concept would be a good submission for that particular place. Some options, like Strange Horizons, I haven't come up with any story-- though not because of lack of ideas. While others I've already pegged which stories to submit already (particularly the local publications).

Right now, I have 13 submission market options and filled around 10 of them with possible story ideas just waiting to be written. (Well, eight actually since I submitted two stories yesterday, one local and one international publication. Keeping my paws crossed.) This doesn't include two or three story ideas that still don't have a home yet.

(Funny enough, once I have a story idea firm in my head, I consider it more or less complete except for the writing.)

So does that mean I feel like a real-live writer now or something? Not really. I just like making lists and this one was waiting to be made. (Now if I can only get into that writing discipline crap...)

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