Saturday, May 09, 2009

Excuse Me, Your Cred is Showing

A dialogue between a cat and a dog:
banzai cat: did you hear that adam is resigning as reviewer from philippine free press?

Achtung Dog:
Yep. He's the main reason why I buy the magazine nowadays. Most of the time I feel like I'm reading someone taking a shit but he's got a lot of good points.

banzai cat:
well, he did explain why he's quitting. I still can't believe the literary editor actually said he doesn't believe in discourse. totally surprising from someone in a position like that.

Achtung Dog:
That ain't right. So what will they talk about? The weather? Why writers write again blahblahblah?

banzai cat:
personally, i think chingbee cruz got it right in
her post, that if free press editors had a problem with what their writers were saying, they should have done something before they went to press. having been on the receiving end, i know how heavy the load is when it's your name that's bearing the 'editor' tag. It's not about possible censorship, it's about editorial responsibility.

Achtung Dog:
Nah. I think they're just covering their ass with the fallout they're getting. You know, put out a disclaimer like this isn't our shit. Probably didn't expect it.
I think it's whole "sino ka ba" mentality all over again. If you don't have the cred, don't say anything and not even then. We don't like hurt feelings. It's like if someone farts in the room, no one will say anything.

banzai cat:
what's ironic is that it's an official statement: free press doesn't like discourse unless it's an intellectual exercise. it says so in the magazine that the editor's response is their official stand.

Achtung Dog:
Yeah that's some
scary shit.
For your further reading pleasure, I present to you as evidence the articles: #1, #2, #3 and #4. One of the editorial response is here which someone reacts here. Read the comments in chingbee's post for pros and antis. kyu scans the last editorial response here for public consumption.

What do you people think? Is stuff like Adam's articles worth being talked about, much more printed?


cat with the fiddle said...

oh wow. then it shouldn't have named itself "free press" in the first place.

Ryan said...

achtung dog huh?
interesting alias

banzai cat said...

fiddler cat: well, hopefully that gets fixed one way or another.

ryan: heh will tell a.d.