Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writers Speak! (On The Farthest Shore)

Oh lookee! Rocketkapre interviewed two of the writers featured in The Farthest Shore anthology as part of a series of chit-chats with the people involved. Down below are some excerpts of their interviews. Check 'em out:

1. Kate Aton-Osias:

"Have your experiences during gaming, say the settings, adventures or the characters, spill over or influence your writing?

Most definitely. I learned a lot about characters, and dialogue, through gaming (it doesn’t hurt that our GM is an award winning playwright and fictionist). I try not to write it down directly, though, because I prefer to write something out of my own imagination – or at least, my own interpretation of it (which goes beyond simply using the same characters and exactly the same setting with a different plot) – rather than play in someone else’s sandbox. That is not to say I’m against fanfiction, but its just a personal choice to challenge myself to do something different."

For your reading pleasure, Kate's story appears here.

2. Crystal Koo:

"What aspect of the writing did you enjoy the most?

Lots, actually. One is that the story is structured as a letter addressed to members in a court of law and is clearly meant to be persuasive, which made the story easier to write because of the clear direction. The other is that the protagonist comes from a race of “gilled” humans – like the sort that pops up once in a while in provincial gossip back home in the Philippines, along with babies born with webbed feet. I also enjoyed writing about the orinu, which I imagined to be scaly killer whales, and the orinu trade."

For your reading pleasure, Crystal's story appears here.

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