Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hits and Linksies

...With regard to The Farthest Shore anthology:

1. Oh look! We have our first review by charles! Now all we need is adam's perspective and we're all set. *grins*

2. Meanwhile, fantastic writer Jeffrey Ford gives us a shout-out here.

3. World SF News Blog also name-checks us here, posting the book's intro for good measure. Thanks to writer Lavie Tidhar and charles!

4. Ian also gives us a shout-out here.

5. Rick Kleffel of The Agony Column gives us a nice juicy post here where he sez:
There's something here to suit most every taste in fantasy; some readers may find themselves more enchanted by one story than another, but the level of quality is clearly up to what you'll find amidst the bookshelves of your local independent bookstore. What I find fascinating is that for all the imagination, all the emphasis on the unfamiliar, there is as well a sense of familiarity, almost of coming home.
Given that I'm a constant reader of Kleffel's commentaries, finding the antho here is just so... awesomest. (Link via charles.)

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