Thursday, October 08, 2009

Writers Speak! (On the Farthest Shore)

Rocketkapre has come out with two more interviews of the writers involved in The Farthest Shore anthology. Excellent! That's more gristle for the mill, more fuel for the fire, more.... erh, uhm... anyway, go check them out:

1. Dominique Cimafranca:

"You’ve experienced the displacement that comes from leaving one home for another correct? Did that influence or enrich the writing in any particular way?

Yes, I’ve left home several times, whether for work or for studies. I always managed to come back, though, and that’s a good thing. But I sometimes wonder what happens if you can’t go back. So those are the emotions which made their way into that story."

For your reading pleasure, Dom's story appeared here.

2. Eliza Victoria:

"(H)ad you ever written a secondary world story before?

No. Or if I ever were able to write such a story before, the writing was done unconsciously. If anyone ever reads a story of mine and points this out to me, I’ll probably just dismiss the notion and say, “Oh, those things didn’t really happen, it’s a psychological thing, the character’s just insane”. Etcetera etc. When I write non-realistic fiction it is still very much rooted in our reality, so much so that the fantastic elements can be easily explained by psychology."

For your reading pleasure, Eliza's story appeared here.

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