Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Writers Speak! (On The Farthest Shore)

Here are two more writers to be interviewed at RocketKapre on The Farthest Shore anthology! Read on!

1. Mia Tijam:

"Were there any particular sources of inspiration for your story?

Ah, once there was this ala hospital metal chart notebook from Eight Years Ago. The front cover has printed on it. On Julius 5 Eight Years Ago, the chart wrote “Freak”. The chart ends the day with “I am not a crusader for the freaks. I do not expect people to know and understand. I do not expect people to stumble over their sentiments just because one person is sensitive to certain topics. Or certain anecdotes. I expect people who are educated to at least have some semblance of the one of the seven outcomes of education: Empathy. I am a freak. I know that. We are all freaks. People don’t know that.” And pasted on it is a post-it-apology masticating on Julius 5. A Dinosaur taught me that sensibility, by the way, and the notebook’s graciously aging in Iron Oxide Heaven. Moving along…"

For your reading pleasure, Mia's story is here.

(Now there's a mind-blowing way to do an interview... *wink*)

2. Rodello Santos:

I've found that comedy and horror are some of the more difficult elements to inject into a story. Do you feel the same?

Absolutely. My approach with comedy is to have the characters act seriously–no matter how absurd their actions and dialogue are. My approach to horror is to write simply and let the situation speak for itself. Of course, I’ve read some terrifying stories with really elegant descriptions. Of the two–comedy and horror–I’d say I have an easier time with the former. But that’s subjective. I know my first draft is never as funny as the final version.

For your reading pleasure, Rod's story is here.

That's two more writers down. Go to, people!

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