Tuesday, June 08, 2010

May Books

Sorry for the lack of updates for the previous week. After touching down from the US, I managed to catch my breath a bit before diving back into workload waiting for me. Unfortunately, I didn't really have a chance to to write (work or otherwise) while I was 'chilling' (damn cold in San Francisco!) at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble.

So: first of all, here's a list of my bookhaul for the previous month which includes an order from bookwormbargain, a Multiply seller that had a very nice selection of classic fantasy books. From the latter I got:
  1. The Well At World's End Vol. 1 & 2, William Morris
  2. The Mezentian Gate and A Fish Dinner in Memison, E.R. Eddison
  3. Lord of Snow and Shadows, Sarah Ash (I sold my previous HB copy of this before.)
  4. The Story of the Stone, Barry Hughart (part of the Li Kao and Number Ten Ox series!)
Afterwards, I didn't really have much of chance (or a choice) to go around bookstores before I left for the US. Fortunately, I managed to remedy this once I got there. Here's a list of what I got there:
  1. Warriors, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois (Tor)
  2. Imaro, Charles Saunders (Nightshade Books)
  3. The Secret History of Science Fiction, edited by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel (Tachyon)
  4. Bleak History, John Shirley (Pocket Books)
  5. A Walking Tour of the Shambles: Little Walks for Sightseers#16, Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe (American Fantasy)
  6. Temporary Agency, Rachel Pollack (Tusk Overlook)
  7. The Penguin Book of Modern Fantasy by Women, edited by A. Susan Williams and Richard Glyn Jones (Penguin)
  8. Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Philip Jose Farmer (Bantam)
  9. The Sons of Heaven, Kage Baker (Tor)
  10. The Age of Ra, James Lovegrove (Solaris)
  11. Sandman Slim, Richard Kadrey (Eos)
  12. Audrey's Door, Sarah Langan (Harper)
  13. Busted Flush, edited by George R.R. Martin (Tor)
  14. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Edwin Abbott (Dover)
  15. The Secret History of Moscow, Ekaterina Sedia (Prime)
It may look like a large-ish haul-- well, yes it is-- and that I went on a shopping spree. But 2/3rd of the lot I sourced via secondhand bookshops (like Green Apple) or were discounted (like the Warriors HB from B&N) which helped greatly with my wallet.

In particular, I'm happy to have found copies of the Farmer and the Pollack books as well as the Penguin antho (I already found part one of that book). And no, there's still no such thing as having too many books.

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