Saturday, September 04, 2010

August Books

Okay, now this is very getting very weird. For this month of book purchases, I managed to find some very good finds, ranging from some hard-to-find (the Yellin, which I had to settle for an advanced reading copy which I normally don't buy) to the realization of some long-sought-for books (the Yamamoto).

The weird thing about this is that my reading pace has almost glacially slowed down almost to nil. I don't think I've managed to finish any book for the month of August. That's like not being able to go to the bathroom for a month or not drinking water for a week. It's freaking weird for me.

Anyway, here are the stuff I managed to pick up:
  1. Short Stories by Latin American Women, edited by Celia Correas de Zapata (Arte Publico Press)
  2. The Callahan Chronicles by Spider Robinson (Tor)
  3. Kafka in Bronteland, Tamar Yellin (ARC - Toby Press)
  4. The Stories of Ibis, Hiroshi Yamamoto (Haikasoru)
  5. Ink and Steel, Elizabeth Bear (Roc)
  6. News of the Shaman, Karl R. De Mesa (Visprint)
  7. Sailing to Utopia, Michael Moorcock (Orion)
If you've noticed, a lot of the books are old so primarily I've been scouring the secondhand bookshops again. The only new books here are Karl de Mesa's News of the Shaman and Hiroshi Yamamoto's The Stories of Ibis. For de Mesa's book, this was just right as he recently had his book launch last week.

(On the other hand, as this my first Haikasoru purchase, I probably just made Nick Mamatas-- who's onboard with that publishing house-- happy. Chalk one up for Haikasoru!)

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