Sunday, February 27, 2011

January Books

I didn't have the time to post last month's bookhaul so here they are in all their bound glory.

Two points of interest:

(a) Yes, I am pushing through with my John Le Carre phase.

(b) Interesting enough, of the ten books I have here, only two are brand-new, which is the price of having a too-small salary.

1. Drood, Dan Simmon
2. The Gone-away World, Nick Harkaway
3. Gears of the City, Felix Gilman (a lucky find, the sequel to his The Thunderer)
4. A Most Wanted Man, John Le Carre (with this copy, am wondering if I should collect HB)
5. The Man on the Ceiling, Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem
6. Battle Royale,Koushun Takami (finally decided to try to the book instead of the manga)
7. The Wooden Sea, Jonathan Carroll (time to give Carroll another chance)
8. The Spider's Kiss, Debbie Gallagher (prose looks blah but will give it a shot)
9. Snow, Orham Pamuk (finding a 2nd-hand Pamuk is always a good thing)
10. A Darkness Forged in Fire, Chris Evans
11. The Mission Song, John Le Carre

On to the next month!


JP said...

The best introduction to Carroll is still The Land Of Laughs, but I also found Bones Of The Moon most satisfying and Kissing The Beehive shows that he can work magic without actually invoking it. The Wooden Sea, tbh, felt a bit WTF-ish at the end, even though it has great moments.

banzai cat said...

i found land of laughs okay but i really couldn't get into white apples. it was like all of a sudden i became allergic to his writing, which was weird. hopefully i can ease myself back again into his stuff. (though i would really love to get his only short story collection but alas, that's nowhere to be seen.)

JP said...

I have found that even when his stories don't work for me, his style is always a treat.

banzai cat said...

yeah exactly. sometimes i think i don't even bother with the narrative anymore. ;-)