Friday, December 21, 2007

"...Always Breaking Up With the End of the World"

(Thanks to dodo for this phrase which has never left me, damn you.)

Anyway, a couple of friends of mine are setting up an anthology for the Atari generation so they're looking for pieces on this and.... well, check out the ads below:

Just in case you can't read the text, it reads: "This is a call for submissions for 1UP. 1UP is a multiformat collection of works by writers of the video game generation. Submit your fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, and any other form that the video game generation might choose to tell its stories to and".

Likewise, they're looking for fiction on The Apocalypse, Pinoy-style (Kapag Magunaw Na Ang Mundo-- points go to the one who knows where this line came from), for another anthology they're setting up next year. Email them if you're interested.

(And I know dean has announced copies of PSF volume 3 will be available in Fully-Booked by next week but still, I got copies for you. Buy now! Buy now! It makes a great gift for December 25!)


Sean said...

Whoa. Weird coincidence.

It would be a little too obvious in the anthology, though. What are they looking for, specifically? Works on video games or something like that?

Adam said...


i'm one of the guys editing the anthos, and yeah, video games-influenced stuff, whatever that means to you as someone who writes stuff. the book's open for pretty much anything, from photos to drawings to comix to fanfic to nonfic to poetry to whatever else people can come up with that'd look/read great on the page, filipino or english. ayuz? ayuz.

banzai! thanks for the heads-up!

banzai cat said...

sean, meet adam. adam meet sean.

and you're welcome, man. ;-)

tyroncaliente said...

Nice call there! But I think a deadline's missing? Or did I miss it alright?

banzai cat said...

Not yet. As far as I know, they extended til March. But you can email adam about it. ;-)