Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life's Like That Also

Writer-extraordinaire and all-around nice guy Neil Gaiman likens writing to Coyote:

Sometimes making stuff up feels a lot like Coyote* running across the empty space between one rocky pinnacle and the next, and as long as you keep moving you're fine. When you stop and look down, it's suddenly all too apparent that there's absolutely nothing underneath and that you're keeping in the air by a peculiar effort of will.

And then a good day comes, and you start running through the air once again, and, if you're smart, you resolutely don't look down.

(* Wile E, or the American Indian one who created the world.)

Ironically, that's the image on my mind constantly nowadays.

(And just to bug people, I'm selling copies of PSF volume 3! Buy now! Buy now!)


the cat with the fiddle said...

i like that a lot!

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