Friday, February 19, 2010

Nine Years and Counting

Well, I just looked at my archives and I've realized that I've been keeping this blog for nine years already. Has it been that long?

Sometimes it's been a slog, sometimes the posts come in fast and furious that I barely have enough time to put it all in. Sometimes I have nothing to say such that I keep 'em short and sweet, sometimes I can barely squeeze everything in one post.

Funny enough, from only one blog then, I now have a hard time keeping up with all my online stuff.

As of last count: there's this blog, my 15-minute exercises (which is currently tied to my allmusicjunkies gig), my political blog that I'm slowly developing (think ambitious: a 'The Daily Show' perspective on the May 2010 elections like my first post, A geek's dread of local politics), the Estranghero Press wordpress site (plus Facebook! and that damn Twitter and Plurk accounts I haven't set up yet!), plus the upcoming Demons of the New Year website (don't forget The Farthest Shore!).

Whew! Did I miss anything? Ah, my multiply site that I currently use as a billboard pending further ideas. And that's only my personal stuff out here, not counting my work stuff.

Anyway, cheers and here's a glass to all you folks who've hung around. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you people who were patient enough to listen to my questions and my bookhawkings. *grin*

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