Friday, August 27, 2010

Scratching in the Sand, part 3

there is much to be said about the subject. as much as we can, we have tried to classify the three distinct personalities within the subject. in that we are relying too much on sigmund freud's much out-dated classifications, it is still an apt categorization.

the first personality based on the concept of id can only be vaguely desribed as extreme desire. it calls itself 'want' and we have only barely instances of sighting the personality in the subject. when it does appear, it is almost primal in its actions and feelings. it would be impossible to say that it is inhuman, given that the subject is sitting across in front of me is a human being. however, that is the feeling i attribute upon seeing it.

the second personality based on the concept of ego is more malleable and is almost quicksilver-like in appearance. i could almost call this personality sociopathic given its almost nil-regard for society's mores and rules. but this strange juxtaposition of a double personality-type in the subject's second personality, called 'mask', only hides the fact that there is nothing behind the ever-changing faces of this personality. the 'mask' itself is the personality, constantly shifting depending on the situation, context or people it interacts with.

the third personality based on the concept of superego is almost boring in comparison except for the fact that it is almost a human rendition of the state of depersonalization within the subject. the subject calls this near-separate personality within as 'rider' and he states that this personality is always observing his actions, thoughts and feelings. this personality is all cold logic and rationality.

this has been one of the most interesting subjects i have analyzed in the mirror and further research is needed before i conclude this project...

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